There are many different stereotypes about archives and archivists in the world. Thousands of books are written on archival topics, lectures are taught in educational institutions, but no theory, analytical material, media article, photo or video on social networks can form an idea of ​​archives better than personal experience.

The CSSTA of Ukraine is on the way to realization of strategy of open and accessible archives, gives an opportunity to every person from any country in the world a remote walk through the premises, to see the interior features, to look at archives, to see the variety of funds and complexes, to get acquainted with exhibitions and articles based on documents, which were prepared by archives staff, to open the pages of archival life with the help of various interactives, videos and audio.
3D visualization is an opportunity to experience the illusions of "presence" and "immersion".
3D-tours of CSSTA of Ukraine are a dynamic project, follow the updates, then you will find new locations and unique content.

You can view the tour at the following link:

The central State Scientific and Technical Archive of Ukraine
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